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I believe our Slogan sums all what we are passionate about at GlobMobi. We founded the company with the passion to be always ahead of the marketing curve with a strategic thought, to keep an Eye on the conversation and Introduce the latest in communication technology and most importantly provide you with the insight and experience to integrate both in order to achieve an effective and cost efficient marketing solution. Over a decade of experience in the communication and marketing industry our experience and footprint spans across the MENA region. Wether your looking for a partner that supports you with a holistic approach to your communication strategy by providing innovative cutting edge ideas backed with data that translate into tangible, successful and data driven campaigns. Or simply wants to keep your eyes on the conversation that matters to your business We have you covered.


Globmobi Specialized Digital Advertising Platform

A Specialized Digital Advertising Platform aimed at placing your Company / Brand in the hands of your Target Audience.

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Bini Chatbot Agency - We Develop state of the art chatbots, Conversational, AI & Arabic NLP solutions.

"Bini Chatbot Agency, founded with a Passion to help our Partners build a smart Conversational Ai Chatbot using advanced Ai Bot development platforms aimed at Enterprise and SMEs alike. Wether your looking for a Chatbot for your Sales & marketing automation or a simple concierge service for your consumers we have you covered.

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LENSY - Ar Creative Studio

Augmented Reality: Facebook & SnapChat & Instagram Camera Effects Show off your brand’s image with a game-changing tech you can explore together with your audience.

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Mehfazti - Mobile Wallet Marketing Platform

Expand Your Mobile Footprint with Mobile Wallet Cards Engage with consumers in real-time and based on their location through mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet and Android Pay, and beacon technology.

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  • Operating out of Astrolabs, In JLT, you will find us raising a storm in the Astrolabs Lakeside

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