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17 Apr

Ai ConversationalMarketing & influencer marketing  

We All Know of the great opportunities that Influencer marketing has contributed to our communication strategies.

Today there is also a New Opportunity to Utilize Conversational Marketing chatbot characters and influencers, something along the lines of  Virtual influencers where your Influencer Bot will provide a One on One with the consumers  and can be developed to have similar traits and responses as the influencer himself.   On Top of which, brands can get consumers to be more engaged with the Influencer bringing them closer than ever with Ar simulations.

 Influencer Bots or Virtual influencers  would work best for Fashion, Beauty , Fitness, Luxury products, Food, Resturant

Anything with custom choices and styles, or a product supported by multiple influencers. 

There are a lot of opportunities still to be discovered and we would be more than happy to discover them with you - At globmobi.com

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