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19 May

Chatbots in Hospitality Industry are becoming more vital than before, the move is taking place and we are there to guide you on the best Use Cases. 

Regarding the hotel industry, big chains like Hyatt or Starwood have recently implemented chatbots as a new customer channel service. Even giant online travel aggregators like Emirates Airlines, Expedia, Skyscanner and Bookingcom have implemented the chatbot technology to assist their clients. 

So, why hotels should use chatbots to make their business grow? - check this Hotel Bot Demo - 

First of all, a chatbot will increase and improve the communication with guests and guest engagement before, during and after their stay. 

Indeed, as an instant messaging app, chatbots can represent a new reservation channel, which will allow clients to easily find and book their stay via a chat interface. Chatbots will help hotels to build a proper and accurate guest profiling, allowing them to provide personalized offers to their guests, which will increase guest loyalty and boost the hotel Revenue. 

With a chatbot capable of integrating with all the CRM or Back-end Systems, there is not tell to the amount of date you will be able to retrieve and get analysis to eventually keep your clients happy and Satisfied. 

 Last but not least, since chatbots are a 24/7 service, it will reduce reception workload, giving guests instant and helpful answers in any moment of their stay.

At www.globmobi.com we can help you figure out the best use cases for your Hotel organization. 

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