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26 Mar

Ai Conversational Marketing - Globmobi.com 

Artificial Intelligence (#AI) along with #Chatbots are significantly impacting the Way Companies are Connecting with their Customers today.

Ai Chatbots today have become a very sophisticated and versatile tool that can help you automate a number of your business processes. It is gradually fulfilling most of the organizational gaps and challenges, across most areas of Marketing, Sales and Customer Care.

Even though to some, Chatbots are still that little icon on the bottom of your webpage which usually helped them answering FAQs, 

We Are here to advise you otherwise: 

  • Ai Chatbots have evolved so much that they can complete your Whole Customer Experience Funnel

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and for the past couple of years there has been so many trials taking place and the success stories are piling up along with the investment figures that are going into AI in general and Chatbots in specific, to the Tune of $56 Billion by 2019 and expected to grow $200 Billion by 2025

I haven’t seen a more vibrant chain of events take place since the DOT COM boom.

Rightfully so, as we have been seeing that the initial case studies have been showing staggering results for many national and international companies.

  • E-Comm - Increase in Sales Sephora (USA) - Almost 20%
  • Automotive - Honda (Amman) - Lead Capture Increase 10%
  • Logistics - ARAMEX - The Biggest Chatbot Community to date
  • And Many More...... we will be sharing

The AI move or race as I like to call it, is probably the most advanced to my knowledge, I am amazed by the developers sense of passion in developing an endless list of AI Stacks that are challenging and inspiring our everyday thoughts on ACM solutions.

As we have been talking to many market leaders within the GCC area the majority concluded that AI Chatbot or AI Conversational Marketing should be part of their company's strategy whether they are an aspiring SME or a Global Enterprise.

Nonetheless, companies are still treading the waters carefully when entering the blue ocean of AI Chatbots.

Our Aim Through out this #ACM (Ai Conversational Marketing) Blog Series will be to share the Use Cases and Success stories that will help you gain a stronger understanding on Why we believe it is time to integrate Ai Chatbots into your business model & How You Can Reap the benefits of this Amazing new Tool which Will reflect On your Companies ROI. 

Stay tuned to know More about How AI Conversational Marketing can be applied in Your business and how GlobMobi.com can help you & Feel Free to drop in for a chitchat we would love to hear your ideas.

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